Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jamaican black castor oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is one of THE most talked about hair product on the hair
care boards; it’s a staple product of all the hair aficionados and wholes it own
with Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I wondered, this can’t be the same
castor all that my grandmother used when I was growing up, this must be some other
kind of castor oil. Back in the day my grandmother would use castor oil as a
laxative, to clean cuts, in the hair for stomach aches and almost everything.

I decided to do some research and found out that it’s basically the same oil
however, the Black Jamaican Castor oil is in its natural state, once it’s cooked no
additives and preservatives are added so the oil so it’s in purest form, it still
has various uses but is also super hair oil. There are posts after posts on the
hair care boards claiming that Jamaican Black Castor oil thickens and grows the hair
and keeps the new growth moist; one woman even claimed that it filled in her ball
spot wow, it’s virtually a miracle in a bottle .

That did it, after reading the testimonials about JBCO growing in this ladies ball
spot, I was sold and didn’t need any more convincing. Besides if it didn’t live up
to its claims I could always add it to another oil for my hair or use it as a lotion
either way it was going to get used. I’d also heard about the order delays and slow
to no response from the vendors so I decided to order from Amazon. I had a thin
spot of my own that I wanted to grow back.
I was so excited and anxious to receive my shipment the possibility of growing thick
hair, healthy hair fueled my excitement.

The brown box finally arrived, I opened my bottle and the first thing I noticed is
the smokie smell, hey it promised to thicken and strengthen my hair so what if I
smelled like a barbeque pit. I didn’t let the smell put me off and promptly poured
it in a long nose applicator bottle, I wanted to use it ‘straight up’ and not take
anything away from it by adding different oils, well maybe I’ll just add a drop of
peppermint oil as a boost.

Like many people who used it straight up, after a few days I noticed the ‘itch’ and
Tropic Isle has a brief statement on their site that explained this away, un
hindered I pressed on I didn’t mind the itch if my hair and scalp were benefitting
what’s a little itch.

My hair loves it, my new growth is softer and my thin spot is making progress, it
delivers JBCO is as good as ‘black gold’. I add a few tablespoons of the JBCO to my
prepoos and always get fabulous results especially when I need a relaxer it seems to
melt my new growth keeping them soft and manageable, I also add a few spoons full to
olive oil and use as a hot oil treatment for shine and strength, Oh and to get rid
of the smokie smell just add a little Amla Oil.

Recently I was on the site and saw all the new products that Tropic Isle offers the
bush bath, Pimento Oil, Black Castor and Coconut Oil mix, Soaps, the Castor Oil hair
food and I’m thinking is all the other stuff just as good or have the care boards
made Jamaican Black Castor Oil so famous that they tried to capitalize on the brand.
It’s probably both; the hair boards have made castor oil wildly popular only
because its a great product and if the main ingredient is castor oil in the other
products I’d imagine that those products work equally as good.

JBCO gets two thumbs up from me it should be renamed ‘hair miracle in a bottle’ or
‘black gold for hair’.


  1. you go girl me to i use caster oil like crazy!! and my hair has gotten so much longer, i ,mean my whole like my hair has never gone past my earlobes even when permed (btw im all natural now no more perms or weave) but anyways now my hair is almost down to my back im so happy with the results and its only been 2 months! i hope that one day my hair will look like yours, cuz ur hair is truly beautiful!!!!! keep up the good work. i also have a blog here on blogger/blog spot feel free to check it out " b4 i was famous ^___^" hope to see u there.

  2. I really like this product. It is a very thick oil and it isnt runny at all.This product has really grown my edges back great.

    Marisha WickJamaican Black Castor